Milk River Agri-Environmental Group Plan

We are very pleased to have been able to initiate an Agri-Environmental Group Plan within the South of the Divide area for local livestock and crop producers. This project covers the Rural Municipalities of 17, 18, 19, 43, 44, 45, 46, 49, and 51.

Agriculture producers in the Milk River Watershed Area are now able to participate in an Agri-Environmental Group Plan (AEGP). If you have been considering making some changes, this is an opportunity for you to access funding for improvements to your farm or ranch, while also having a positive cumulative impact on the watershed as a whole.

Even if you do not have an individual Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) you can apply through the AEGP for Farm Stewardship Program funding for these Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs):

  • Native Rangeland Grazing Management and Fencing
  • Pasture planning to balance grass supply and demand and enhance habitat on native grasslands
  • Protecting High Risk Erodible and Saline Soils
  • Seeding permanent cover on high risk soils
  • Native Plant Establishment
  • Includes seedbed preparation and seeding native forages
  • Riparian Area Grazing Management and Fencing
  • Creating separate riparian (creek or slough) pastures as a part of your grazing system
  • Relocation of Livestock Confinement Facilities
  • Moving corrals to a site where they will not influence surface water bodies or shallow ground water
  • Farmyard Run-off Control
  • Diverting water around an existing yard, livestock facilities, well head or dugout
  • Natural Waterway Erosion Control
  • Installing erosion control structures, contouring slopes for run-off, and re-vegetating water runs; this may be an individual project or a combined effort from several producers together
  • Creek and Stream Crossings
  • Improving old creek crossings
  • Fencing to Protect Surface Water
  • Fencing livestock out of natural water bodies

    There is also funding available for Developing New Water sources, installing Off-site Watering Systems, and Decommissioning Old Water Wells through the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program.

    These projects are on a cost-share basis. Most require pre-approval before work begins. For more information please contact our AEGP Agrologist Karlah Rae Rudolph at 306-671-7336 or aegp@sodcap.com.

    Funding for these projects are provided by:
    Growing Forward Govt of SK Govt Canada